Tuesday, 05 June 2012Depth of field & Aperture = Creative Interesting Photography

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Achieve interesting and creative image by adjusting the depth of field. By changing the aperture on your camera, you can choose which part and how much of your image is in focus.

Picture this: you are taking a portrait photograph. You focus the lens on the subject's eyes. Behind him is a building, but you don’t want the background to dominate the subject. By setting the aperture wider you will achieve depth of field, thus creating a portrait that is in focus with the background out of focus.

For example if you set your aperture at f/1.7,  f/2,  f/2.8  or f/5.6 these settings will give good depth of field and the background will not be in focus. In contrast, If you use a small aperture for example f11, f16 or f22 the building will be in focus, ideal for landscape photography.

The aperture is one of the most creative compositional tools in the compendium of the photography. Choose any subject and apply the tips above. Enjoy getting creative.

Flora photographs taken at the Arboretum, Nottingham & St Anns Allotments, Hungerhill Gardens, Nottingham

Portrait taken in the Lace Market, Nottingham.

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