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Recycled Vinyl Art

We had a fabulous time transforming these old vinyl records into stunning wall art. After a demonstration and a discussion on what could be used in terms of media, the participants planned their designers and then went on to create these colourful and creative works. A variety of materials were used, vinyl records recycled magazines, …

Mixed Media – Self Expression Portraits

We incorporated the portraits created the previous week into mixed media works. The theme was self expression. The participants really enjoyed this workshop and found it helpful and therapeutic. We used a range of art materials including recycled magazine, acrylic paint, gel and ink pens. Here’s our gallery of stunning collages.

Watercolour Painting

This workshop was guided and split up into sections so that participants could understand the process and try various watercolour techniques for themselves. The Wet on Wet Technique The wet on wet technique is a process where the paper is wet before the paint or wash is applied. This method of painting gives some beautiful …