This workshop was guided and split up into sections so that participants could understand the process and try various watercolour techniques for themselves.

The Wet on Wet Technique

The wet on wet technique is a process where the paper is wet before the paint or wash is applied. This method of painting gives some beautiful effects such as, colours bleeding together, blooming and allows colours to be blended together very easily.

We started off by wetting the paper and adding paint to create a very light wash. We then added more paint to the outside of the painting, blending it so that it was very light in the centre of the painting. While the paper was still wet we added some light details and then let the paper dry completely before moving on to the next stage.

Building up Contrast

To build up contrast and interest in the painting we started to add trees and branches using a light wash then allowing to dry.

On our third, and forth application of paint we used a darker wash and eventually used the paint in a thicker consistency. Each layer was left to dry before we painted the next one.

Participants were encouraged to use their preferred colour palette and I think you’ll agree they did really well to produce these beautiful watercolour paintings.

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